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The Green Box’s Store…

Yes there is a story behind the name of Sandy’s little resale shoppe.

There are other resale/consignment shops that have a certain color as part of their name in Rogers; however that is not how Sandy decided the name of her shoppe. Then why the “Green “ Box you may ask? When Sandy was in high school, she had a little caboodle box she kept her makeup in. When we graduated and got our own place, she would occasionally have garage sales for some extra cash to help make ends meet. She used this little box as her cash box. Why not, it had a lid, handle and was small enough to carry around. She usually had outstanding sales, so much so that when my company relocated us up to Northwest Arkansas, she still continued to have them. People liked the prices and quality of the items that they looked for her sales twice a year, we even heard people leaving calling their friends saying “She’s having her sale again!” Once gain using the little box and once again having outstanding sales. During one sale, the lid broke on the box. Oh well, we will just use a different box but that sale was horrible. We thought, that’s weird and packed up everything. The next sale, same thing all over again, something was off. During the next sale, Sandy decided to use her old trusted caboodle again as her cash box and behold, she had an exceptionally good sale. Each sale after that, she used her little box as her cash box. It was her good luck charm and by this point you may have guessed, the little caboodle makeup box is Green. During the planning stage of getting the store pulled together, she needed to come up with a name. She must have gone through 100’s of names that were all good but not quite what she wanted. I said one day, don’t worry, you will do fine and your resale shop will do fine. Jokingly she said, “I should use my green box as my cash register for good luck.” It dawned on her that was the name, The Green Box Resale Shoppe. Today, the little box sits on a shelf behind the counter, held her first dollar from her first sale and now watches over her store, bring Sandy luck and being there as every happy customer visits. We hope you like Sandy’s Story and hope that you find time to come in and visit The Green Box Resale Shoppe.

It all started with a Little Green Box